This is how GOOGLE SEO works

This is how it works

YOU [the client] write the content for each subject - not compiled for Google but with your client in mind.

meta title - this is the line you see first in Google search results.

meta description - summarise the page's content in one sentence; this is to inform and engage the site visitor into the content of your site, when featured in google search results.

meta keywords - are unique keywords that relate to each page's content - however, Google has not used meta keywords in ranking web search results. since 2009. You should not invest time adding meta keywords to your website.

Below are a few examples of live website projects where we created Meta Tags alongside all content..

What we do

Having developed a content and category structure based on your business objectives and your target clients, our Digital Content Creation process includes editing and writing content with search engine optimisation in mind.

To improve search visibility, we create unique and accurate 'Meta Page Titles' that clearly describe each page's focus. These titles appear at the top of the browser window and are included in the code of each page for Google to identify.

We craft 'Meta Descriptions' that play a crucial role in search results by effectively showcasing your products/services with different wording than what is found on the webpage.

To enhance search visibility further, we generate a 'GOOGLE sitemap' that lists all your website's pages and submit it to Google. This speeds up Google's crawling process and provides valuable information about important pages and files.

HOUND & CO   2018 to date

Retail consult + integrated Ecommerce platform for dog grooming salons

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100+ projects - Websites| Branding | Ecommerce | Social Media

more info..

EPG DOMESTIC   2022 to date

Work portfolio for plumbing & heating specialist

more info..

SEWJO   2022 to date

Classic work portfolio for Quilting Artist

more info..

HAUTE DÉCO   2006 to date

Improved user experience through custom created product displays

more info..

BEZANT Silversmiths Ltd.   2005 to date

The perfect 'businesscard' website displaying Trophies, precious silverware and models

more info..

BETTINA NEWBERY® ART   2019 to date

Featuring my body of artwork of fine oil paintings - with eCommerce facility

more info..

VISIONAIRE LONDON®   2013 to date

Launching Boutique Art Gallery featuring original oil and silk portraits

more info..

INSIDE ART IMAGES   2017 - 2022

Website for Interiors business supplying customised photographic wall installations • Instagram set-up

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